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Monday, 19 May 2014 01:04

Community Resilience

The SEGRA Community Resilience Project is a joint creative endeavour initiated by Paul Bishop and Kerry Grace in 2013, when they co-presented the SEGRA Pitch at Coffs Harbour Conference and won the judges prize for their answer to 'How Might We create Greater Resilience in our Communities?'

Their joint response remains an intuitively human-centered approach to change and community development.

Individuals and Groups comprise community, so we commence with asking people 'What Matters?' to them... Then, as we proceed, we encourage people to explore a deeper appreciation of the 'climate of change' that we are entering, as we ask people to consider importance of managing our personal and collective fundamentals for sustainable living.

We encourage collaboration. Dialogue and appreciative enquiry, as individuals and groups collectively compete to derive more productive, proactive and positive solutions to the issues and challenges which arise...

We'd love to hear from you.

Because we know that resilient communities are like Humpty Dumpty.
'All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men' won't put regional communities back together again.

This is a job for We: You, Me, i, Us. The residents of local places where we love to live.

We know we need to work together and do it with love, to support sustainable futures, even when the tide of economic growth recedes toward the cities and exposes our richly quilted Australian Economy to unprecedented challenges, hazards and the need to diversify our options or pack-up our towns and leave...

We believe that the most powerful asset in the nation is the passionate local resident with a vision for a better future and a plan to make the most of what we have, in the best interests of ourself and others.

We believe this 'wide brown land' needs to support diversity and regional resilience, to help Advance Australia Fair.


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