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Friday, 28 March 2014 05:37

The invention that is Digital FiIm

Planning the screening of the film "The Nothing Men" for a client has been an interesting trip down memory lane. It wasn't that long ago getting your hands on a "Data Projector" was a rarity. Just a few short years ago, we were still making printed films... the ol' reel and spool number. 

With ready access to digital media comes some exciting developments, easy interaction and filming's a BREEZE! There are also some interesting challenges around ensuring artists get paid for the work they do, licencing and IP, keeping a sense of an "industry" with experienced craftsmen and development of innovative  practice. 

The Nothing Men was the first film shot on the Red Camera... a brand new piece of technology at the time. The release of the film came when very few cinemas had digital projectors. The film, although met with some critical aclaim at the time, was largely unseen due to the timing of the release prior to the wide spread uptake of the digtial age.

There are moves afoot to stage a re-release at some point, but The Red Place is very excited to offer a one off opportunity to have one of the actors/producers of the film have a conversation about the challenges around being an early adopter of the digital medium, the experience of filming and producing such a task, a 'where to from here'.

Many thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment for giving permission for the film to be viewed and Andrew Winsor for the opportunity to have a conversation about the film, the invention of digital media and the journey of it's impact on film making.