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Friday, 22 November 2013 03:11

Local food hubs… Is this the solution?

Chris Walsh's upcoming chat at The Red Place has got some of us thinking… talking around dinner tables and across restaurant services… Redlands used to be the salad and food bowl for Brisbane and beyond. 

We now see the old farms being sold off and built on day by day… farmers not finding value in what they do in their local community, and locals not finding the farmers…. it means that the big guys get bigger and more and more of our food comes from further and further away. 

Part of the discussion we will be having in just a few weeks time is around what solutions have other come up with in areas around the globe? If we do want more local fresh food, what can we do about it? Are there any answers that get value for the farmer as well as the consumer?

I recently stumbled on this article that poses one solute… Food Hubs. http://gracelinks.org/blog/687/local-food-hub-solving-the-distribution-issu

Local farmers giving access through local hubs, established and populated by local people…. sounds easy doesn't it??? Or is it? 

Come and be part of the conversation! 

Monday 9 November from 6pm. 

Cost: $25… help to get Chris up here!

And bring a plate of local food to share!


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